Oakham Veterinary Hospital

We have used the services of Oakham Veterinary Hospital for over 45 years! They were a small practice in Oakham town when I first took horses there and they now have a very large, modern pratice just outside Oakham with all the latest equipment and excellent operating theatres. They have an great team of vets with many years of experience. They are able to bring scanners, x ray machines and shock wave equipment to the yard which saves a lot of travelling to the surgery and, hopefully a speedy diagnosis of any problems. 


Trevor and Andy Hartgrove - Farriers

The Hartgrove family have shod our horses for many years.  They use traditional hot shoeing which makes sure the shoes are correctly shaped to fit the foot. With Trevors years of experience he also has great knowledge of the feet and their relative problems and is always quick to diagnose any foot lameness and gives the best advice for treatment.


Thomasina Spilman - Chiroractor

Tomma is a McTimoney qualified Chiropractor. She comes to the yard once a week to treat any horses suffering with muscular pain. She always checks over any horse that has been cast in its stable or has had any type of fall to check for any sore points. She also works with the vets if there are any problems she feels they need to examine further or she follows on with treatments recommended by the vets. It is important to work as a team to get the best results!